Monday, December 22, 2014

5 Tips to Keep Holiday Stress to a Minimum

Since it was very near Christmas, I wanted to provide everyone with some tips for the Holiday Shopping Season.

Create a List
Having this list gives you a good understanding of who you have to buy for and starts you thinking about what to get that person. The earlier you do this the more time you have to see things as you are shopping around a store such as Target or Walmart.

Have a Budget
Christmas is a time of giving. Therefore, people understand that you may not be able to get the $500 hot holiday item that is flying off the shelf. Also, Christmas is no reason to break the bank and ruin your budget.

Christmas in July
This one can be very difficult for most people but start buying people's gifts early in the year. Use family events like Forth of July or Memorial Day to get ideas for people. Having a head start can make it a lot less stressful as people are running towards the mall. However, these early gifts can sometimes help people procrastinate on the rest of the shopping they have left. These early gifts can help your budget by spacing out the money you use into smaller increments.

Ask For Help
One awesome strategy that I have used is to work with siblings or other family members to pool your money together for a better gift. This can turn a $20 investment into a $100 gift. You get to work with your family and most of the time you do not have to be the one to go out and get it. Another strategy that can work well is to ask what other people are buying for a person. If they are surprising little Johnny with a game system, you can go out and buy them the latest game to go along with that.

Check Your List Twice
You do not want to forget to bring that crazy White Elephant gift to your family get-together.

Enjoy the Moment
Once Christmas shopping is all done, it is important to just enjoy your time with family and friends. Feel good about completing another grueling year and look forward to the great times ahead. Oh, do not forget your favorite Christmas cookie. :)

Merry Christmas and see everyone in 2015.
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