Sunday, February 15, 2015

It's No Longer a Land Just For Birds

Drones are a hot topic right now. For those of you who have not seen a drone flight, take a look here. For good reason, they are talked about in the news. The benefits of having a drone capabilities in our society can provides countless advantages.

Here are a couple ideas for drone use. Amazon has talked about utilizing deliveries for quicker package deliveries. This could be done by knowing the GPS location of a person's address and sending a drone there. Supplies for construction could be delivered to great heights without the use of a crane. Artificial intelligence could be combined with drones to make the drones smarter and more efficient. Hollywood can use a drone to capture movie shots instead of using a helicopter. There are a lot more. There is a TED talk using drones to map a rain forest. Here are some more benefits.

How cool would it be to have a drone take up groceries to a 30th floor apartment? What if a drone could replace elevators?

In recent news, the FAA released new regulations that allow small drones to be used by businesses. This is the first step to start having drones positively impact our lives.

The new regulation will give businesses the opportunity to innovate and come up with new ways to affect society. Maybe one day we are using technology from these first drones to change transportation (hover car?).

People are worried though. Having drones in the air starts to take away another layer of privacy from our everyday lives. Drones could be used to spy on people. While this is a possibility, I do not see it being a big issue. In the end, people do not care where people are moving. There is a cell phone for that :).

Drone regulation will continue to be a hot topic as companies and individuals create new uses for drones. It will be up to the FAA to make sure the applications of this technology is utilized in the best ways for society. I am sure the peeping will be something not allowed.

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