About Me

Blog to help people understand financial decisions that are happening in the news. This is to make you more informed.  I also hope to give some advice on how I see money management with the goal of helping to improve their chance of achieving greater wealth.

My name is Matt Ernst and I am trying to develop myself into a great person for others and to learn new skills.  I am a computer programmer who has taken a great interest in growing my wealth for the future.  

My recent fascination has been with financial decisions.  For the last couple of months, the significance of finance has really impacted how I see the rest of the world.  Talking with peers and colleagues, I feel that there is a large separation between the necessary understanding and preparation that people do not want to learn because it is difficult.

In this blog, I hope to post, at least weekly, about various financial decisions in various articles and breaking them down for people to understand.  This will give people an opportunity to learn about fiance guide them down their path towards financial success.

I also want to talk about various ways to build wealth and manager your money.  One of my fears for my generation is that we lack the knowledge to provide for our retirement without the support of a pension.  My hope is to educate and provide guidance for individuals.

I do not see myself as an expert and encourage people to comment on my analysis, especially if I am wrong.  I am still young and need to learn and develop these skills to become better.  I may talk about how to invest or manage your money.

Please take my advice on personal fiance only in serious consideration of what you feel right.  I am not a professional in money management and only base my recommendations based on my personal experiences.
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