Saturday, November 8, 2014

Why It Pays to be Social

One of the best ways to learn about new ways to manage your money is through books. For most people, this can be a time consuming task. However in the information age, we have access to an even better resource, the authors themselves. Thanks to companies like Facebook but especially Twitter, these authors are able to convey daily messages to people that revolve around their books. This an amazing and often untapped advice.

Often these authors will continue to post to their Twitter pages years after writing their books, so as they continue to change and develop better advice, you can learn about it. Also, some authors have giveaways to promote a book by giving out a free copy for one day. Who doesn't like a free book?

The best part about Twitter is that the topics covered by these experts ranges to just about anything. Recently, I started to become more active in the stock market. I found some experts in investing and started to follow them. After a while, I noticed that some of them used the dollar sign with stock symbols (ie. $AAPL). Evidently, this was similar to a hash tag and I could search Twitter to see what people were talking about stocks that interested me.

Twitter can also open up new networking contacts as you follow these people and tweet to them. These people want to see others succeed, and the worst thing that could happen is that they do not tweet back.

I challenge people to get a Twitter account and follow some of the industry leaders in their field. As a side note as you follow more people, your news feed can get crowded. Use Twitter's 'Lists' feature to filter out these people you want to follow to make things easier.

Thanks for reading.
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